Saturday night was my favourite night of the week, during my visit at the disco’ s I was fascinated by the DJ’ s and their magical non stop mixing of vinyl records. After a long but fruitful discussion with my parents I gave up my job in the dental laboratorium and started to work in a record shop, Finally, I arrived in the eye off the storm. I stopped dancing and started to DJ, it felt like coming home. It took me 2 years to open up my own record label and shop, Basic Beat Records.

The first record we released became a huge hit, a sweet taste it is. I bought myself an Atari computer and found my way around in the studio, I learned how to produce records and discovered the nobel art of songwriting. Dance music, or House Music as we called it, became hugely popular and I became resident DJ in one of Hollands leading clubs, Nighttown.

House music exploded, I was on the move, the party became bigger and bigger, Sensation, Dancevalley, Barcelona, Ibiza, New York, and more, much more, been there, done that, good times! A radio show called Rave Radio with Adam Curry on Veronica FM, DJ mix CD’s like House Party and Three DJ’s in a Box, creating lots of remixes, and producing records for other artist, Jan Akkerman and Michiel Borstlap to name a couple. I was voted best DJ of the Netherlands and scored two hit records with the band Soulvation which I formed with Jeroen Rietbergen.

I love to talk about music, a feature that led me to be judge member in the TV program Het beste orkest van NL, which led me to become a jury member of the Idols family, the talent show.

My latest project is called Symphony31, DJ meets Orchestra, a massive undertaking with a hugely big smile on my face as a result.

Slave to the rhythm, in love with progress, thats me!