Rob Lee, a DJ well known for his energy. You can tell by the big smile which he’s wearing during his performance. This is why a lot of people like to go to parties & festivals just for him. The interaction with the crowd, on stage and via his media channels, makes him very wanted.

It’s all about a straightforward vision. For the preparations and the party itself. At the end everyone gets what they deserve, thanks to the hard work and dedication Rob has to offer.

At the end creativity is his middle name. By founding concepts called ‘Cube’ (in- & outdoor) and ‘Revolt’ (monthly club) he proves to be an allrounder in the business.
Rob’s shows can be defined as energetic, strong and impressive. The eclectic sound is far from mainstream but on the other hand very recognisable. You always hear the massive bangers including his own outstanding productions.

Experience is drawn from the 100+ gigs and some international mini-tours. The variety of places, countries & audience gave Rob the opportunity to create different kind of sets, just to be sure to deliver every time he’s booked.

Rob states; ‘’Every time I play for a crowd it’s like a reward for all the hard work behind the scenes. A final releasing of all my energy and skills. I’ve got to build a house, rock the house and break the house down! Nothing is more important than the energy, the music and, above all, my fans’’

This long, charismatic guy is ready to leave more impressions!